Approaching Pain to Avoid Suffering, with Brian Bogert

The theme of the past few weeks has been empowerment, and today is no different. The story on this week’s podcast will blow your mind. When my guest, Brian Bogert, was just seven years old, a truck speeding at 40 miles per hour, drove over him, damaging his spleen and ripping his arm off his body. As you can imagine, years of painful surgeries and physical therapy followed. In fact, the pain was so intense, Brian learned to shut it down. He tapped into his resilience and competitive drive, focusing on what he could do, not what he couldn’t. The fallout? He also shut his emotions down.

If his first accident wasn’t enough to deal with, Brian suffering a second injury to the arm he’d almost lost at seven. He broke the same arm, badly, while snowboarding. This time, he risked losing the arm for good. This second accident forced Brian to learn that he needed to approach pain, instead of shutting it down. He describes feeling alone after this second accident. For years he had been so strong and capable, no one thought he needed help. No one showed up to help after his second accident. And he needed help. He walked around for days with his broken arm, looking for a doctor willing to attempt the second, incredibly complex surgery. And once again, he prevailed.

Brian is a kindred spirit. He is a life coach and professional speaker who works with entrepreneurs and athletes, helping them to achieve their potential. His philosophy is inspiring. Listen in to hear how Brian teaches his clients to approach their pain in order to avoid suffering. What does that mean? It means you approach the pain of a daily workout in order to avoid the suffering of bad health. You approach the pain a difficult discussion with your spouse in order to avoid the suffering of a loveless marriage. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Life is hard, but you don’t get to avoid the pain without creating more suffering. Avoidance is rarely the answer to anything.

In Brian’s own life, instead of fixating on his difference and feeling damaged, he looked for ways to overcome and excel. He is an athlete and business owner who approaches challenges with a competitive drive to overcome everyone’s expectations. He comes at this with both gratitude and a positive mindset.

Brian works with people who feel stuck and unable to move to a higher level in their business. He works with athletes to help them find their true potential. He does this by helping people with awareness of what is holding them back. He is passionate about helping people defy everyone’s expectations, something he has done his whole life.

If you are someone who is worried that you will never be anything but “normal,” that you will never break through to the next level, listen in. Brian’s story is inspiring and his message is clear. We can all do so much more than we think. At this time when the world has suddenly changed and there is so much suffering, it might be the message you need to hear.

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