Are You Creative or Not? My Interview with Writer Bizzy Coy

I have a few questions for you all. Are you creative or not? At what age did you decide you either were or were not creative? And why? Did a teacher give you a bad grade on your diorama? Did you color outside the lines? Maybe that’s when you concluded you weren’t. Or, maybe your parents told you that you were very artistic and therefore you knew you were creative.

This week’s guest, Bizzy Coy, is incredibly creative. She writes for some of the biggest and most prominent organizations like the The New Yorker’s Daily Shouts and McSweeney’s. She specializes in comedy/humor and marketing copywriting for fun entertainment brands.

Her stories are funny, but not just funny. There are creative. Take the story that combines multi-level marketing and Isis recruitment. It’s called “Please Come to my Shitty Jewelry/Isis Recruitment Party.” I thought I’d read a few of her stories in preparation for podcast, and couldn’t stop.

Creativity is a new topic for me. I was one of the ones who assumed I wasn’t creative and therefore pursued a career that was safer in a field I love. Sometimes I wonder how different my life would have been, if I had been given the label of creative instead of not creative.

Bizzy has a totally different take on creativity. In this podcast she will explain her own assessment of living as a creative person. Here are a few of her most important points.

  1. Creativity is cultivated and everyone is capable of it.
  2. Creativity isn’t just for people in the arts. People can be creative in any field.
  3. Creativity involves simply seeing things in a different light.

One of my favorite points that Bizzy made was that she has known writers who aren’t creative at all and accountants who are incredibly creative. If creativity is something you are interested in at all, I invite you to listen to how Bizzy Coy created a life where she gets write funny stories, tap into her creativity and get paid to do it.

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