Become Your Own Biggest Advocate, My Interview with Zovig Garboushian

In the past several years, I’ve noticed something concerning. There appears to be a big uptick in AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES. Lots of my private practice patients come in for issues like depression and anxiety, but then report a co-existing autoimmune disease. I didn’t link the two initially. Now, I do.

An autoimmune disorder causes an individual’s immune system to mistakenly attack and destroy healthy body tissue. Common autoimmune disorders include multiple sclerosis, lupus, psoriasis, inflammatory bowl disease and Graves disease. These diseases are incredibly challenging. By some estimates, as many as 8-10 percent of adults have an autoimmune disease.

In this week’s podcast, I had the honor of interviewing Zovig Garboushian. Zovig was diagnosed with Grave’s disease in 2017 and has been fighting ever since to understand the most effective way to heal from an autoimmune disease.

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Her story will blow your mind and inspire anyone suffering with autoimmune disease to take control. Here are a few highlights from her incredible journey.

  1. Her first doctor fired her for asking questions. No, really!
  2. There were days she couldn’t get out of bed or dress herself.
  3. She moved to an entirely different coast to make sure her environment was conducive to healing.
  4. Food is key!

Zovig’s symptoms are much better than when she was initially diagnosed. The keys to getting better? Self advocacy, listening to her body, research and change. Listen in to the last few minutes where she gives her most powerful advice to anyone suffering from autoimmune disease, or any disease for that matter. I’ll give you a hint. It involves not apologizing for asking questions.

Zovig embodies self empowerment. Her no nonsense approach to heath will have you questioning if you too could be doing more to stay healthy and happy.


Shannon Connery, Ph.D.

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