How Kids and Parents Can Thrive Through Difficult Times — My interview with Early Childhood Development Expert Karen Lock Kolp

I usually take the summer months off to spend more time with my family and take a vacation. I enjoy the break from my “Fix Yourself” podcast. While I’m passionate about providing resources for people who can’t afford or don’t want therapy, I do not get paid for it, so I feel just fine taking my summer break. Until this year…

Earlier this month, author, coach and creator of the We Turned Out Okay Podcast, Karen Lock Kolp, contacted me to collaborate about how to help our audiences with everything going on in the world. In June 2020, we are all struggling with a global pandemic, systemic racism and an amazing movement to finally address it, massive unemployment, sickness and a contentious election. The world is heavy, to say the least.

In my private practice, I see parents struggling in significant ways. People are working from home, while parenting, without the usual support from daycare, camps and schools. Kids aren’t learning as much from their online programs. Uncertainty has become the norm and parents are feeling it. Will our college kids have school in the fall? Will any school be open and safe? How will kids fare emotionally with social distancing and mask wearing? Will we all be ok? All this creates stress and anxiety.

Imagine my good fortune that someone of Karen Lock Kolp’s expertise agreed to be a guest on my podcast! Karen is an early childhood development expert, with an audience of thousands, who helps parents deal with all the challenges of raising good kids. So, I dusted off my microphone and asked her to be a guest on the podcast. This information is simply too important to wait for fall. Parents and kids need her help now!

If you are feeling lost as a parent, or need some advice on how to get through this tumultuous time, I hope you listen in to our conversation. Karen’s take on how to handle life as a parent right now is empowering and calming. She uses “compassionate empathy” amongst other tools to help kids and parents thrive, not just survive, during the pandemic.

Creativity, scheduling, and using resources are just some of the things you will learn about from Karen. Her own website, is filled with resources for parents. Turns out there is lots to learn from being bored, from having extra down time, and by thinking outside the box. This is a quieter time at home for many, and we can find a temporary “new normal” that involves learning in different ways. Cooking with young kids and helping them double a recipe is learning math.

I hope you feel as optimistic as I did after talking to Karen Lock Kolp for an hour. What initially seems like an impossible task— like working 60 hours a week as a single mother with a 4 year old to take care of— turns out to be possible with tools and planning. No summer camp? No problem! Karen created one for her community on her website.

Oftentimes, the most important thing we have is our attitude, our compassion for others and our creativity. Combining these with parenting tips, just might turn your stress into strength.

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Thank you for listening.
Shannon Connery, Ph.D.

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