End Holiday Weight Gain

With Halloween behind us and Thanksgiving next week, I want to address a topic that stresses a lot of people out this time of year; HOLIDAY WEIGHT GAIN. Before we discuss how to navigate parties and the holidays, throw away any and all Halloween candy still in the house. It isn’t helping anyone. It kickstarts the overeating of processed, sugary foods. Halloween is just the beginning of this season in which we tend to eat more sweets, drink more alcohol, and go out more. For many, the result is unwanted pounds!

I do not believe in diets, because I’ve never seen one work over the long term. They cause temporary weight loss, while making you feel deprived, fatigued and causing a cascade of physical effects. Diets can result in lowered metabolic rates, decreased muscle tone, fertility issues and nutrient deficiencies. None of these things is positive for your health. So, what do you do if you want to enjoy your holiday traditions without putting on weight?

Today’s podcast is all about this topic. It might seem impossible to go out more and enjoy yourself, without overindulging. However, for years I have been using four simple tricks to avoid gaining holiday weight. Only one of my four tips involves food, and it isn’t about restriction.

If you are someone who tends to overindulge during the holidays and then ends up with a few extra pounds and a heavy dose of guilty remorse, I recommend listening in. If you follow this advice, based on research, you will not be as likely to put on extra pounds.

I will be discussing four areas that require management and planning in order to avoid weight gain over the holidays. They include:


The good news is, I read an article that said that most people don’t gain as much weight as previously believed. The average American puts on only a few pounds between Thanksgiving and the New Year. However, these pounds add up year after year. If you are mindful about putting these tools in place, you can likely avoid any extra pounds while still enjoying your friends and family over the holidays. An added benefit? You will feel better too.

I’ll be taking a much needed break over Thanksgiving. I wish you all a wonderful week. I hope you add lots of PACE activities, (pleasure, accomplishment, connection and exercise) to your holidays to get the most happiness possible.

You can listen to me talk through this in the podcast by clicking ‘play’ below or in the following places:

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Shannon Connery, Ph.D.

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