Join Me In The Gratitude Challenge!

Now that I am a gratitude junkie, I want to find a few people willing to take a GRATITUDE CHALLENGE!

My own challenge involved writing 100 letters in 100 days. It helped with everything from happiness to alleviating grief. I am super interested in learning how gratitude practices affect other people.

Willing to take the challenge? Here’s what’s needed:

  1. Agree to practice gratitude every day for 14 days! You pick your gratitude practice: journals, letters, calls, you decide!
  2. At the end of each day, spend a few minutes journaling about any effects you are noticing. I promise this part is worth the extra time and effort.
  3. Allow me to ask about the experience when you are done.
  4. Start your 14 days anytime before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to have a gratitude practice in place!

Sign up here:

Food for Thought If You Take the Challenge: Gratitude practices can be done alone or they can involve other people. When you journal about the things in your life that make you grateful, I call this a “passive” gratitude practice. It is focused on reflection and is a personal practice. When you write letters or call people and thank them for the things that make you grateful, I call this an “active” gratitude practice. You bring others into your gratitude practice. I have seen lots of research on the effectiveness of both kinds of gratitude.

You can listen to my personal invitation here:

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