My Best Friend Fixes Her Sh*t! The PACE Questionnaire

Meet Jill Griffiths! She is the guest featured on this week’s podcast. Let me start by saying, she is NOT UNHAPPY! Like all of us, she has weeks that are great, and weeks that aren’t so great. Recently, she has a stretch of time where she was not as happy as usual. Listen to how she used PACE™ (Pleasure, Accomplishment, Connection, Exercise) as a diagnostic tool to figure out what her life was missing.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking ‘play’ above, or in the following places:

Now that I’ve introduced the concept of PACE™, which can be used both a diagnostic tool and a recipe for happiness, I’d like to introduce the PACE™ Questionnaire. The PACE™ Questionnaire takes you through each of the four areas and lets you assess your strengths and weaknesses.

You can download the PACE™ Questionnaire here.

I’d love for you to take the questionnaire and listen to my second podcast with Jill. Jill is my oldest and dearest friend. She is a health and wellness expert who teaches yoga in Chicago. She also does yoga teacher training, writes, reads prolifically and inspires health in others. At 49, her body is so sculpted and lean, you could throw quarters at her and they would bounce right off! But don’t, because she’s really nice! Jill is the mother of two teenage girls and can relate to the time pressures of being both a parent and having a career.

Jill took the PACE™ questionnaire and felt immediately inspired to go out and change some things up! I hope you will find it helpful too. I’m happy to provide feedback, and already have for a few of you.

Enjoy the week. Don’t waste time. Get intentional!


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