The Power of Being Open to Things You Don’t Understand, My Interview With Rebecca Rosen

Three years ago I had an experience I still haven’t fully wrapped my head around. I made a decision out of desperation, without much thought, only to have my whole world view changed. It’s a bizarre story, but worth sharing.

I’m a psychologist. I read science and I study depression, trauma and happiness. I take courses on mindfulness, couples counseling, PTSD and new treatments for anxiety. I am research based in my treatments. I studied psychology as an undergraduate, then got my masters and finally, a Ph.D. I am not woo-woo.

But my mother was woo-woo and I always thought it was a bit weird.

I was happy it made her happy, but I never gave it much thought. Then a few things happened that put me on a course I’ve only begun to figure out.

In my private practice, I treat a lot of grief and loss. I have treated the normal, profound loss of a parent or spouse. I have treated traumatic loss of military personnel and PTSD that comes from watching someone die in combat. I treated the grief of police officers who saw the horrors of the massacre at Columbine High School. I treated a mother whose child died in their swimming pool one horrible moment when she turned away. I treated a women who lost her boyfriend to suicide during a fight, the moment she left the apartment. I have seen more grief than most people can imagine. But, somehow, I was ill prepared for my own grief when my mom died three years ago.

In 2015, two things happened that opened me up to my experience with Rebecca Rosen, a Denver based psychic and medium. The first was a client I was working with who had lost her mother at a young age. Her mother had struggled with opiate addiction and had died when my client was only in her mid 20s. She worked hard in therapy and left after a year, having worked through her feelings of anger and sadness. About six months after she left therapy, she called me. She asked to come in for one session in order to tell me something important.

When she came in, my client said she wanted to share something that had just happened to her. A few months after our work, her cousin booked an appointment for my client at a psychic/medium. She was not interested and a little weirded out by the idea. But, her cousin had paid and said it was important for her to be open. She went, but refused to give any personal information. Without even knowing her name, the medium described in detail, her mother’s death, the addiction to opiates, the fact that her mother had been unconscious by the time she arrived to the hospital, and other specific information that blew her mind. Her mother apologized for her struggles with drugs. She told my client she was proud of her and loved her. She gave specific information about my client’s current dilemmas and offered guidance.

My client came in to tell me that I should tell people about this resource. It was healing in a way our work could never be. She was the biggest nonbeliever before her experience. Now she felt calmer and more at peace. It was an amazing story and I thought about it a lot.

A few months later I worked with another client who was connected to Rebecca Rosen through work, so I can’t say much about her as I take confidentiality seriously. The only relevant information is that once again, she told amazing stories of how life changing the experiences of the people who came to this psychic/medium were.

On April 23, 2016, my own mother died. It was sudden and unexpected. My mother was happy, healthy and had recently had a physical showing perfect health. Nonetheless, she died of what we believe was a massive aortic aneurism after a normal day of work. It totally devastated me. I was very close to my mother and felt this immediate, deep loss. It won’t take you long to figure out that the impact of these two clients let me to my decision to sign up to see Rebecca Rosen.

Rebecca Rosen, is a nationally renowned psychic and medium. She has appeared on Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, and is a contributor to She is a bestselling author of Spirited, Awaken The Spirit Within and What The Dead Have Taught Me About Living Well. She has a huge, dedicated following. Her readings are so accurate that she has a 5 year waiting list for private readings. The only way to get into see her is through one of her small groups or one of her large audience readings. I decided to sign up for a small group reading.

I had no real expectations and lots of skepticism when I arrived for my group reading. Eight of us were seated in a beautiful, calming room with candles, chairs and couches. It felt like someone’s living room. Rebecca came in dressed stylishly. She was young and hip and attractive and I felt reassured that this wouldn’t be too weird.

The reading took place over two hours. Rebeccas did a meditation with us and then explained that with 8 people, spirits would show up and she wouldn’t know who they were talking to. It was up to us listen and recognize our own people. I will try to explain what happened during my reading in order to give people enough information to decide if my experience merits being open to this.

First, Rebecca spoke to a women in the group, whose son was coming through. Rebecca said the boy, who had committed suicide, had a very strong spirit. He apologized for the pain he had caused his family. He asked why they hadn’t changed anything in his room for the past 10 years. He told his mom that she needed to read his diaries. He said he saw her start to read them once but then stop. The information would help her to heal other people with depression. He encouraged her to write about it since she always wanted to write. He told her to tell his dad that is wasn’t his fault. The boy/spirit kept giving specific information about the woman in the room, her husband who wasn’t there and his life when he was alive. It was shocking to watch. It was deeply personal and there wasn’t any warming up. Rebecca went right in and helped heal this woman’s suffering. When the group started, the woman had been sitting defensively with her arms and legs crossed. By the end, she was crying, open and stunned. Her whole demeanor and face looked different.

After a few more people, Rebecca said, “I have a spirit here with a full name change and she is saying Robert, Bob.” I hesitated and then said, “That might be for me.” My mom had been born Susan Wills, but changed her name to Willow Devon-Lark Connery. Her last name changed at marriage but the rest she changed in her 40s after a lifetime of hating her name. She used to call my dad Robert, Bobby, Bob when she was joking around. I still wasn’t sure. Rebecca started by asking why my mom was showing her a Broadway playbill. My jaw dropped. That morning, right before the group, my best friend and I had given our girls tickets to see Hamilton. For the real skeptics, I didn’t buy the tickets. My friend did so there was no trace online to me. She went on from there to talk about so many specific things that no one else knew; my work and how my mother had refused to see psychologists when she was alive but was so proud of the way I helped people. She wished she had been open to it. She knew of conversations I had just had with my husband. She knew of struggles with my kids and blending our family. She knew I had been considering retiring from my work.

Now that I have been several times, I know that this part is crucial. Rebecca takes the time to give you lots of validating information so that you will believe. Once you know it is actually happening, then she can give you the healing information. She told me that my mom was sorry she didn’t show up for my children in a big enough way. It was something that had given me a lot of pain when my kids were young, but I’d gotten over it years before. Yet somehow, her apology was important and meaningful. She acknowledged my pain, apologized, gave love and guidance. She told me not to retire because my work was such an important part of my happiness. She wanted me to write the book I had always thought of writing. In 20 minutes, she hit on every issue I had with her and others in my life and helped me to know how to fix them.

I left feeling energized and stunned. Would people believe it? Did I? How could she know what she knew? What had just happened? Rebecca sends everyone a recording of the reading and I listened again later that day. This time in analysis mode. It was then that I had to accept that what had happened was inexplicable and yet real. There is simply no way she could have known the things she did.

What I know now, after three years is that not everyone believes or is even open to this kind of experience. This is difficult for me because I see people struggling all the time in my practice; people I know could benefit from Rebecca, or someone like her. The scientist in me keeps me from recommending her services to people even when I know it would bring relief and healing. Many times people simply don’t now why they are depressed or what they should be doing in life. I help them figure it out on their own, knowing full well that Rebecca could help them at a deeper level, but unable to say anything.

When people are more open, I refer them. I love hearing the stories of their experience and how they have more clarity about their path and feel at peace with their losses and struggles.

I decided to do a podcast with Rebecca because it is my hope that more people with depression and other issues related to mental health will consider opening up to an experience like this. Rebecca actually shares her own experience with depression. Seeing a psychic/medium doesn’t conflict with most religious beliefs and it doesn’t take any faith. You will either know it’s real or not. But maybe, just maybe, if you are open to the possibility that there is more out there available to help you in profound ways, you might find healing and clarity like I did. It isn’t a coincidence that after my reading, I decided to write a book, get into podcasting, get rid of fear and life more fully.

I genuinely recommend listening to my interview with Rebecca Rosen. If you are stuck or lost, or if you are struggling to figure out what you are supposed to be doing with your life, I highly recommend you listen in and consider the power of learning from someone like Rebecca Rosen. It is profound and impactful, if you are willing to open your mind to the power of spirit.

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Thank you so much!
Shannon Connery Ph.D.

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