The Power of Forgiveness

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season. I took a few weeks off podcasting to spend time with family. Family time is what led to this week’s podcast topic, THE POWER OF FORGIVENESS.

I see lots of people during and right after the holidays who need help with family issues. Some say it takes less than 72 hours of family time before everyone gets back into their childhood roles and for conflicts or resentments to flare back up.

I found myself focused on FORGIVENESS multiple times over the past month in my private practice. I also posted my philosophy which is that you should Forgive Everyone For Everything. It was my most shared post of all time.

In this podcast I share more about my own personal life than I ever have before. I wanted people to understand that I don’t come to this philosophy without direct experience. It isn’t a theoretical topic for me. I have lived it and know the benefits of forgiveness.

Forgiveness involves some basic tenets:

  • You forgive people for your own wellbeing, not for theirs.
  • You take back your power when you forgive.
  • To forgive, you must develop deep empathy and understanding.
  • Judgment and being “right” will keep you stuck.
  • The ultimate benefit is a sense of PEACEFULNESS.

In this podcast, I speak about two clients who struggled with forgiveness as well as my own journey through anger and righteous indignation. I hope you will listen in. Forgiveness is a powerful gift to others, but mostly, to yourself.

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Thank you,
Shannon Connery, Ph.D.

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