The Truth About Weight Loss and How to Master It! My Interview withDaniel Ward, CEO of Inward Fitness

In one of my favorite interviews ever, Daniel Ward, the CEO of Inward Fitness, helps people understand how to lose weight the real way. As a trauma psychologist, I see people every month who show up in my office wanting help losing weight. It’s one of the things I struggle with due to the resistance people have to making big behavioral changes. As a personal trainer, Daniel is someone who sees people with the same goals. In this half hour interview, we attempt to understand the key factors to helping someone attain their weight loss goals.

Some of the keys points we discussed include:

  • Developing a deep motivation as a crucial part to the weight loss success story. The motivation cannot be something shallow like looking good at a party or a reunion. That might work in the short term, but won’t in the long term. Listen in to discover the kinds of issues that create deep motivation.
  • Trust is a key component to weight loss. People who haven’t been successful might have lost trust that someone can actually help them. This lack of trust might make it difficult to follow through on recommendations. Therefore, finding someone who you actually trust to help you is paramount. Trusting yourself is also key.
  • Prioritize yourself and your goals. If you really make health a priority, you will find the time and do it. If you don’t prioritize your goal, it will not happen.
  • Community is incredibly effective for reaching your goal. Having a place where you feel motivated and inspired as well as supported and held accountable is key! This might help you decide to join a more intimate gym rather than a huge mega gym.
  • Going deeper is a must for real change. People have to be willing to go deep in their examination of their habits around food and exercise. Being uncomfortable often creates change.

I encourage everyone who wants to lose weight in a real way to listen to this podcast. Daniel addresses this difficult topic with real and practical advise. Listen all the way to the end, where Daniel tells a few stories that will help you realize that you don’t have to go on this journey alone.

This interview changed the way I will treat people who want to lose weight! Come get inspired.

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