Tips for Dealing with Grief

This week I am on spring break with my kids! I hope lots of you are getting a break from normal life this month. My family will be hiking, touring Mayan ruins, scuba diving and relaxing.

In the nature of taking a break, I did a short podcast this week. The topic is dealing with grief. My family has been dealing with grief this last month.  Hard, biting, interrupt your life big time grief.  Three years ago, I also lost my lovely mother, so grief is no stranger to me.

If you are dealing with grief in your own life, I hope you will take a few minutes to listen in. After treating clients for years as they mourned their loved ones, I was shocked by how grief knocked me off my feet. I thought my career would have prepared me for grief. I was wrong.

It has taken time, reading, friends, family and trial and error for me to finally feel whole again.  Here are a few tips from my journey through grief.

  1. Time heals.
  2. Practice self care.
  3. Honor the person you loved. (Here’s how!)

Enjoy the beginning of spring! Even if you aren’t traveling, take some time to notice that the days are getting longer and brighter. One final thing that grief taught me is that you never know how long you have with someone. Let go of the small shit and cherish time with your loved ones!

Listen to the podcast by clicking ‘play’ below or in the following places:

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Shannon Connery, Ph.D.

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