We Are All Victims of the Diet Industry

Welcome to Season 2 of the Fix Yourself podcast! I’m so excited to introduce the focus of this season. I’ll do it by asking the following questions. ARE YOU A VICTIM OF THE DIET INDUSTRY? DO YOU SPEND TIME EVERYDAY THINKING ABOUT LOSING WEIGHT?

If the answer to either question was yes, or if you know someone who obsesses about food and dieting, listen in. In this episode, I discuss the main focus of the book I’m writing. Are you wasting your life thinking about the next way to lose the same 10-100 pounds you’ve been obsessed with for years? Do you spend your life restricting food, losing some weight, and feeling good, only to put the weight back on after a period of time? Do you spend your days thinking about food and your body? Weight loss and the manipulation of the diet industry is a topic I’m passionate about after 22 years of working as a Psychologist.

Years ago, it occurred to me that no matter what I was treating someone for, they inevitably discussed dissatisfaction with their body and the desire to lose weight. I have only worked with one woman in 22 years who loved her body. That is simply insane and wrong. The statistics can’t be that skewed unless we are being taught to hate our bodies.

Over the years, I have watched diet fads and trends change. In the 70’s, I watched my parents do incredibly restrictive diets. One included eating only grapefruit and heads of lettuce. Then there was the fat free movement and the calorie counting obsession. Now Paleo and Keto seem to rule the day. However, there are hundreds of diets and cleanses and programs.

I get the impulse to try fad diets. They come, seemingly, with lots of research to support them. The thinking goes something like this. If I try this diet, I’ll lose weight. If I lose weight I’ll look better and be happier. Does that sound like you? If it does, you are NOT ALONE!

Here is the actual truth. DIETS CAUSE WEIGHT GAIN! If they worked, you wouldn’t have to go back every year. You would lose the weight and it would stay off. The problem isn’t you or the diet. It is that the reasoning is backwards. It isn’t, lose weight and you will be happy. It’s get happy and you will lose the weight. If you figure out how to balance your life, adding pleasurable activities, accomplishment, meaningful connection and enjoyable exercise (PACE), you will become happier. This season I’m going to show you how!

As adults, we tend to use food to address every emotion or problem. We use food to celebrate. We use food when we are bored. We eat when we are lonely. We eat to connect with friends and we eat alone in front of the television. Part of healing ourselves has to do with connecting back to the wisdom of childhood. Children naturally engage in PACE. They have fun all the time (Pleasure). They go to school to learn (Accomplishment). They play with their friends at school and in the neighborhood (Connection), and they move all the time (Exercise). Kids do not use food to address every feeling. Neither should we!

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and is ready to dig back into some tough cultural truths. The truth, as I see it, is we must make a choice. If you want to waste your life focusing on a few pounds and dieting repeatedly, you can. My bet, though, is that you have so much more to give and create; that without the diet industry hijacking your thoughts, you could do great things.

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Thanks for listening,
Shannon Connery, Ph.D.

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