Why Pleasure is Important, My Conversation With Health Expert Jill Griffiths

This week I’m focused on Pleasure. Pleasure is such an interesting topic and one that brings up lots of different reactions! Some embrace pleasure while others feel like it’s either self-indulgent or frivolous. It depends on the messaging you received from family and friends. It also depends on whether you live in a culture lucky enough to have free time.

I strongly believe that pleasure is an important and necessary part of a fulfilled life. You can call it play, joy, pleasure or fun. It’s the activities you day dream about and the stuff you look forward to doing when you aren’t working.

This week’s podcast is a discussion about pleasure with yoga teacher, blogger and health expert, Jill Griffiths. We discuss why pleasure is important and some of the research that back this up. For example:

Pleasure is relative! If you have had a busy week, pleasure might be relaxation. If you’ve been bored, it might be dancing at a club with friends.

Pleasure is important. One of the findings in the research on criminal behavior is that PLAY is important for children. Murderers were more likely to have been deprived of play than to have been abused.

Pleasure is revitalizing. Taking time for yourself and engaging in the activities you love enables you to go back to work more refreshed. If you don’t engage in pleasure, you can develop burnout.

Pleasure is the first part of PACE, my tool for diagnosing and improving happiness. Hope you will listen in to our discussion about this fun topic.

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